Hello ! Guys , so according to  every years the IPL time has came and it is started from 23rd March 2019 and many of people are very excited for this IPL , So cricket fans spend there whole time in watching the IPL. There are 60 matches in Vivo IPL 2019 and if and person watches all the matches then he is wasting his 10,800 minutes of his life.

So, Ever you though that how the IPL earns and how much they earn ? There is a huge question mark in the mind of the people and they are always thinking about it. This post will help you to clear your doubts.

Media Right

So lets starts from the History, as you know that Cricket means BCCI. BCCI is an Non-Profit Organisation,who has launched an new setup in 2008 which was named as Indian Premier League (IPL).In IPL eight different teams were made and all the team had given the authorities to choose the players as they want.In 2008 setmax means Sony Max has given 8200 crore rupees to BCCI to show live broardcast on there channel for 10 years. So from 2008 - 2017 Setmax mean Sony Max has the right to show live broadcast on there channel but from 2018 - 2022 Star Sports have the right to show the live broadcast on there channel and for this they have paid 16000 crore rupees for 5 years. So from calculation Star Sports will give 3200 crore rupees per year to BCCI to show the live telecast on there channel.

Title Sponsor

In Starting IPL was known as DLF IPL but later it was changed to PEPSI IPL and now IPL is sponsored by the VIVO, the smartphone company.VIVO has given 2200 crore rupees to Sponsor the IPL means to show his four letters "V I V O " in front of Three letters " I P L ". For this arrangement VIVO will pay 440 crore per year.

But BCCI has the many Sponsor to him such as PAYTM, JIO, TATA. So from all the calculation Sponsors  will pay 20000 croro rupees to BCCI. So BCCI will get 4000 crore per year and 40% of this income means will be distributed to the 8 teams. So, per team will get 200 crore rupees and this is the fixed income of this teams.

Personal Sponsors

The above Income is known as CENTRAL POLE which BCCI gives to the Teams. But this teams also earns from there personal Sponsors. Every team earns from their personal sponsors.

Above are the Sponsors of some teams.And their names are on their t-shirts, pants and cap.The teams are also earns by advertsing. Franchise also earns from the Home tickets means if there is a match of Kolkata Knight Riders in Eden Gardens. So they earns from tickets also. For Example if 50000 people comes to watch the match and each ticket cost is 1000 ₹ then the total Income is 5 crore from tickets and the the stadiums themself have advertisements on there screen and ground , the food cost , team sell there merchandise
and adding all the things a particular team earn upto 7 crore in one match.


The team also earns from the IPL prizes such as last year CSK the winnig team got 20 crore rupees and the runner up SRH got 12.5 crore Rupees. The 20 crore of the winning team where distributed in 2 halves the 10 crore where given to franchise and the 10 crore where given to team squad.

80 Crore rupees are given to all teams during auctions to bid on the players and they can also add there money to buy the players.In this every team can buy 8 over C players and only 4 over C players are allowed to play in the match. This 80 crore rupees are alloted by BCCI. Every team has personal expenses which includes the Travelling expense , hotel expenses of teams, there branding expenses for getting got sponsors and many more. In this case the BCCI is the Bose of all the teams means it doesnot matters that your team wins or not the BCCI will take 20% revenue of every team.

So, according to the above data the with name of Entertainment an Buisness was established in 2008.But many people think that all are gaining profit then who is suffering from loss.The viewers belong to this  categories.Star Sports is giving the 3200 crore rupees per year to BCCI to show live broadcast on their channel then he will double this amount from viewers only.